Matt Jones talks pillars of marketing

Matt Jones, Co-Founder and Brand Director of Four Pillars shares his story as an entrepreneur, brand expert and business.

Matt’s Quick Questions:

  • Business book: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
  • Person to follow on social media: The Economist
  • Who would he have dinner with: John Oliver

In this week’s episode we discuss:

  • Matt’s career to date as an economist in intelligence, transitioning from politics into communication and strategy
  • The difference between running a business and building a brand
  • The three most important value-adds that Matt brings into any situation
  • Using stories to move a business forward
  • The boom of Gin in Australia: People are ready to drink better, not more; how the evolving drinking culture in Australia required a new business model
  • Four Pillars: the backstory, a brand building and the strategic approach
  • The conception of Four Pillars through crowdfunding
  • The importance of having a mantra as a pillar
  • What Four Pillars is doing to provide a unique experience to every single customer
  • The sliding door moments that set course to Four Pillars, Matt discusses how the four P’s have played a critical role
  • The strategy behind the implementation of a Direct to Consumers (DTC) channel
  • The challenge of ‘Word of Mouth’ as a form of acquiring new customers
  • The Four Pillar purpose and what it means as a brand


Adam Fraser
EY Oceania, Customer Practice Director


Episode 23

Duration 46m 48s