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Think Ecosystem

The Think Ecosystem podcast series explores the intersection of technology, collaboration and innovation. Each episode orchestrates insights, stories and perspectives from across the EY Partner Ecosystem, client base and leadership team to address the important issues and challenges of today.

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How to prepare for today’s workforce transformation opportunities

In this episode of the Think Ecosystem podcast, the speakers discuss opportunities in workforce transformation and how organizations should respond to them.

Episode 7

37m 21s

How DAOs are impacting the evolution of ecosystem strategy

In this episode, EY Global Blockchain Leader, Paul Brody, is joined by leaders from IDC and Skynet Labs to explore DAOs and their impact on collaboration, business strategy and partnering

Episode 4

33m 32s

How intelligent automation underpins high-performing ecosystems

In this episode of Think Ecosystem podcast, EY’s Thierry van Herwijnen and Simon Constance, Global Thought Leader Ade McCormack and UiPath’s Sean Adee discuss intelligent automation’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Episode 3

35m 04s

How neurodiversity drives value at the intersection of talent and technology

In this episode, Hiren Shukla meets thought leaders from ServiceNow and Ivey Business School to explore neurodiversity and identify new sources of talent to drive transformation, innovation and sustainable growth.

Episode 2

31m 05s

Why data-driven insights are critical to value-led sustainability

In this episode of the Think Ecosystem podcast, Steve Varley and Steve Peck discuss sustainability measures that matter with Gunther Rothermel, Senior Vice President and Head of Sustainability for SAP S/4HANA.
Episode 1
31m 41s