Energy Market Modelling

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In an uncertain world, data-driven insights give energy sector stakeholders the confidence to make better, evidence-based decisions.

What EY can do for you

Energy markets are transforming fast. We are navigating falling costs of renewable generation and energy storage technology, increasing need for transmission infrastructure investment and shifting decarbonisation targets. Amid such uncertainty, finding the right opportunities – and mitigating risks – is increasingly difficult.

The EY Energy Market Modelling team helps energy market stakeholders cut through the complexity of the energy transformation. Our proprietary modelling software forecasts electricity sector outcomes to 2050 and beyond, giving organisations the insights they need to make more informed decisions around:

  • Policy development, regulation and market design that considers the impact on electricity prices, system reliability and security and decarbonisation
  • Whole-of-system planning
  • Development and investment in transmission infrastructure, generation and energy storage systems
  • Electricity asset sales or acquisitions

We assist government organisations, regulators, energy producers, consumers, traders, retailers, transporters and investors to navigate the dynamic energy supply chain. With EY Energy Market Modelling, you’ll have the clarity you need to move forward with confidence and play your role in decarbonising the energy supply chain.

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