Corporate Real Estate Advisory Services

In Real estate, hospitality, and construction

Employers are reinventing the workplace environment not only to minimize costs, but to address changing generational behaviors and overall productivity, and to address the needs of today’s modern workforce.

What EY can do for you

Companies must address the needs of a new generation of employees and be aware of the many ways in which people work, like from a home office or on a part-time basis.

Creating and realizing new ideas and doing so as quickly as possible becomes more crucial for corporates. Knowledge-based collaboration across silos is the key factor for success. Many companies still use their office space very ineffectively. The reality of the workplace is that it is often very inflexible, with isolated single offices or crowded open spaces based on hierarchy and departments.

We can help you build a better working environment that supports collaboration, engagement and a culture of openness and trust. Our solution incorporates a future-oriented approach to increase the flexibility and quality of the working environment, reducing office space and real estate costs. We put clients, people and culture in the center of our solutions and use a real estate portfolio-based approach to find best places and properties.