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Optimism continues to drive growth prospects and M&A appetite in MENA

Executives in Middle East and North Africa are optimistic about prospects for economic growth and dealmaking.

By Matthew Benson 11 Jun 2019 Capital confidence barometer

COVID-19: How finance ministers are managing stimulus implications

Navigating the consequences of stimulus will require tough decisions by government. A recent EY/OMFIF podcast discusses the key issues.

By David Barker 5 Jun 2020 Banking and capital markets

How to help Europe’s small and independent hotel market succeed

With small and medium-sized hotel accommodations facing increased competition, online travel agents might be a growth driver to this sector.

By EY Global 15 Mar. 2021 Strategy

The pandemic creates unique opportunities for M&A in MENA

As capital confidence rebounds, corporates in Middle East and North Africa remain nimble and resilient after an unforgettable year.

By Matthew Benson 23 Mar. 2021 Capital confidence barometer

What the COVID-19 crisis means for the geostrategic outlook

While COVID-19 dominates the headlines, the framework for managing geopolitical risk effectively has not fundamentally changed.

By Jon Shames 29 Apr. 2020 Geostrategy

How M&A is expected to fuel faster recovery for power and utilities

P&U companies are better prepared than most to address the immediate implications and see M&A opportunities in a post-pandemic world.

By Arnaud de Giovanni 7 May 2020 Capital confidence barometer

Australia's economic framework for a crisis

Trying to predict the impact of COVID-19 on economies is futile. Using an economic framework to assess shifting events will help you plan, not panic

By Jo Masters 19 Mar 2020 COVID-19

How can you reframe your future during the chaos of today?

Even as they deal with the immediate impact of COVID-19, organizations should be thinking about how they’ll thrive in a post-pandemic world.

By Andy Baldwin 21 May 2020 COVID-19

How banks can lead the post-COVID-19 recovery for consumers

Financial insecurity in the wake of COVID-19 will require banks to boost consumer confidence and help build a more resilient working world.

By Jan Bellens 17 Jun 2020 COVID-19 in financial services

Insular or introspective: How attitudes will change consumer retail buying habits

This is the era of the introspective consumer, a consumer who is far more pensive, looking at the world differently and reassessing what matters most.

By EY Oceania 8 Jul 2020 Future consumer index
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