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At EY wavespace satellite Bucharest, clients get front-row immersive experiences and together we design new tools for their business challenges. wavespace satellite Bucharest is mixing state-of-the-art technologies with leading-class design thinking capabilities.

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About this location

For us at EY wavespace satellite Bucharest, innovation isn’t about ideas, it’s about solving problems.

Designed as a solution-oriented innovation center, EY wavespace satellite Bucharest has a team of more than 55 professionals with skills in various areas of excellence: software development, design thinking, graphic design, marketing, data science and intelligent automation. Our goal is to bring solutions that solve the business challenges of the digital era.

We help tackle complex problems knowing that there is a fundamental trade-off between innovation and optimizing operations.

Cocreating alongside start-ups, we pride with the fact that the experience of Ernst & Young SRL, Romania and the connection of local IT entrepreneurs to dedicated mature markets help develop new technology-based solutions. We support the transformation process that many companies are crossing through and we are helping them to adapt quickly to market changes.

In wavespace, we curate talent and technology, bringing them together in a collaboration proven to energize and align teams, to solve problems and create meaningful outcomes — faster.

The essence of wavespace satellite Bucharest is the guarantee of outcome-focused experiences. We show, not just tell, and our aim is to help clients make better business decisions.
Razvan Popescu
EY wavespace™ satellite Bucharest Lead and EY Romania Consulting Intelligent Automation Associate Partner, Ernst & Young SRL

We are:

  • Intelligent automation enablers   
    EY wavespace satellite Bucharest is the only one across the EMEIA area that focuses on intelligent automation. It builds on the existing capabilities of the RPA Center of Excellence that has been set up more than four years ago. Our growing teams of data scientists have extensive knowledge in advanced data analytics, machine learning and data visualization, and they make use of the latest technologies to tackle complex client situations. 
  • Innovation-as-a-service providers
    By empowering multidisciplinary development teams, including designers, technology and strategy professionals, we built a lean start-up innovation process, focused on generating digital solutions and custom software that tackle existing business needs for us as well as for clients. We run periodic internal innovation campaigns and we offer the framework as an innovation-as-a-service model. 
  • Client-first corporate software developers 
    Going beyond the ideation and design phase of the innovation process, EY teams tackle the hardcoding aspects of the prototypes that emerge from our innovation program. The in-house software developers are skilled both in the software development life cycle as well as in design thinking and agile methodologies. Clients can also leverage the EY wavespace satellite Bucharest environment to create proprietary innovative digital assets.   

More so, alongside EY clients, we co-create specific workshops to offer the most relevant business outcome. At the heart of wavespace are our facilitated, immersive client workshops - either tailor-made or “prepackaged”. The magic of wavespace lies in our understanding of clients’ needs.

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