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10 Jun 2019 Baku, AZ

EY Azerbaijan cleaned up a coastal area on Absheron

EY Azerbaijan came up with another initiative called “Feed the Fish” to highlight its commitment to sustainable development of local communities.

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EY Azerbaijan came up with yet another initiative called “Feed the Fish” to highlight its commitment to sustainable development and support of local communities. Over 25 members of staff from EY Azerbaijan together with their children cleaned a coastal area on the Absheron peninsula, to the northeast of Baku.

The area of the coastline, including a public beach, has been cleaned from rubbish and various types of waste. This initiative has been carried out as part of EY Azerbaijan’s 25th anniversary campaign. It is intended to set an example for the wider business community and reflect the company’s constant efforts to contribute to the country’s sustainable development.

Rishad Dadashev, Deputy Head of Core Business Services at EY said: “We are truly passionate about protecting our nature. We also need to reduce the impact that human beings are having on the environment. This is the country in which we live and work, and we wish for our children, as well as the coming generations, to live and work happily and productively here for many years to come”.

Inara Akhundova, responsible for Marketing and Branding at EY Azerbaijan believes small actions may lead to remarkable changes: “My colleagues and I are always brainstorming and discussing ideas about what we, as human beings and citizens, can do to prove that corporate social responsibility isn’t just a pretty slogan for us. This time we decided to clean the beach. It’s not a one-off action for us. We’ll go back to ensure the area actually stays clean. If need be, we will remove all the rubbish again. We hope others will follow and attitudes will begin changing”.

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EY pledged its commitment to the development of Azerbaijan and the wider region by establishing its office in Baku 25 years ago. Over this period, we have turned into a leading professional services firm in the region. For quarter of a century, we have successfully assisted both local and international companies, as well as government agencies, to meet the challenges of the global economy.