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Changing times call on banks to take bold action to transform, to make the most of evolving technologies, stay ahead of new competitors and meet customer demands. But can you push forward with innovation and transformation, while improving cost efficiency at the same time? High-performing banks show that transformation amid a downturn is not only possible but must be a priority to prepare for success in the upside. 

What EY can do for you

With our Banking Transformation team, we strive to create and anticipate the disruption that our banking clients are currently facing. In collaboration with our clients, our Banking Transformation consultants help boost profitability and free the capacity to invest in the next wave of digital transformation.

Our consultants bring in our dedicated knowledge of the industry, ranging from retail and private banking to commercial and corporate banking. We help our clients to transform and re-invent their business, across distribution to operations up to implementation. We support our clients through a variety of roles, such as Product Owner, Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Process Analyst, Change Manager, Project / Program manager & PMO.

Our cross-competence project teams blend together business, process and advanced technology skills, while we leverage on our knowledge of banking products and regulation. 

  • Cash Management

    Corporate and commercial banking, and particularly the Cash Management business, has withstood the financial crisis better than counterparts in investment and retail, and faces less trading losses or impairments. Many banks have thus set CM at the heart of their growth strategy and are investing to build a competitive offering. But this line of business is now at the crossroads due to technology requirements, faster global payments and SWIFT’s mandatory global payments innovation (gpi) system, and changes in the legislation.

    EY can support you to:

    • define and construct a clear business model for CM;
    • utilize corporate lending to win CM business;
    • upgrade from transaction executors to advisors;
    • embed CM via “as-a-Services” tools;
    • deliver on enhanced connectivity;
    • leverage real-time analytics to deliver insights;
    • expand networks through partnering.

    We can help you through technology innovations such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, distributed ledger technology, Open Banking and API applications.

  • Payments & Cards

    The global payments industry is undergoing major change and transformation, foremost driven by changing customer demands. Payments interactions are the most frequent point of customer engagement, giving banks, card issuers, and acquirers significant opportunity to shape customer perceptions, capture valuable data, and build loyalty.

    Our global network and proven skills can help you manage the disruption along the entire value chain within cards, payments, digital commerce and digital convergence.

    • Customer experience: Redesign the buying journeys, implement smart authentication methods, promote adoption of contactless cards, etc.
    • Digital payments: Create digital and mobile payment solutions that facilitate commerce, enhance the customer experience and protect customer data, as well as address the numerous customer pain points that remain in the digital payments space.
    • Open Banking: Embrace Open Banking and incorporate solutions from third party providers who can bring innovation and scale.
    • Operational efficiency: Decrease processing time and costs and reduce cost to serve.
  • Lending

    In a low interest rate environment margins are under pressure. At the same time, the lending ecosystem evolves and may represent opportunities for lenders. Profitability may be improved and market shares are not written in stone. Using smart combination of several levers, we can help you to efficiently deliver more profitable credit acquisition, in-life management and collections services in a future-proof agile organization.

    • Customer service & process design: enrich your customer journey in line with your strategy and design options for frictionless processing.
    • Data analytics & Robotics: make appropriate use of data and robots to enrich and accelerate customer advice and guidance, foster cross-selling, deliver smart pricing, make automated credit decisions, automate controls and operations.
    • Open platforms: get flexible capabilities that can respond quickly to market and regulatory demands thanks to cloud-based, open API platforms.
    • Structured BPO & ITO approach: select options to partner with and/or integrate solutions to improve operational efficiency, and manage impacts across the entire organization.
  • Client Lifecycle Management

    The digital revolution is redefining the way customers interact with their banks. Customer experience used to be defined by the agent, today this is done every day through many different digital interactions.

    We work in a customer-centric way and we help organizations look at themselves from the outside in. We help our clients co-create the solution, adapt their Operating Model and highlight the technologies required to deliver lasting changes.

    • Designing innovation: We match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity.
    • Compliant by design: We propose a design process in line with FS market dynamics and regulation. We know the business and have extensive experience in product design and regulator relations.
    • Right tools and environment: We leverage a methodology bringing together the right expertise at the right moment. We use the right tools and environment for collaborative innovation and customer testing (EY wavespace). We are connected to a wide Fintech & incubators network.
  • Save & Invest

    While long-term investments are always beneficial to customers, many remain reluctant to take the first step. Why? Because they find it too complicated, too risky or just inconvenient.

    With various tools and methods, we can help you identify and build key solutions to get your customers to start investing.

    • Future projection: Building a tool to help clients project themselves in the future - Giving them a view of their financial situation and its evolution to make better decisions.
    • Data-driven social layer: Building the first comparison layers using the full potential of data analytics (top investors, top performing products).
    • CX optimization: Building top notch customer experiences based on industry best practices, removing complexity (too much choice, too many clicks).
    • Regulation: Ensuring that whatever you do is compliant with European regulation (MIFID II, PRIIPS, GDPR).

Who we are

The Advisory team is a diverse network of consultants and industry professionals with a global mindset and a collaborative culture. We work to understand your issues and are driven to ask better questions in the pursuit of making your business work better. Contact one of our Advisory professionals today to see how we can help you.

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