The mindset and skillset to navigate what’s next. It’s yours to build.​ ​​​You never stop learning. As the world undergoes unprecedented change, we're investing in your development so that you can build the transformative mindsets and tech skillsets we need to thrive.​

Let the skills you learn here unlock doors anywhere. A career of value, it's yours to build. Through our AcademEY, we want to give you the right guidance and tools so you can prepare for a career of lifelong learning. Stay in control in an ever changing world and let us help you grow your skillset and expand your mindset. Allow yourself to be the best version of yourself. Together we can build a better working world.

Our AcademEY offers students the opportunity to develop both the future-focused technological skillsets and business mindsets they will need to deliver exceptional client service and thrive in tomorrow’s workplace. We believe the AcademEY will help create agile, engaged young graduates who deliver exceptional service to clients. The focus of our curriculum is on building skills we believe are critical for the future. These include tech skills such as AI and Blockchain, soft skills such as presenting and pitching, but also Design Thinking, Agile PM or SCRUM. 

You can register for each class separately via this webpage. We will work with interactive session, either in a virtual environment or physically.

Past events

Introduction to agile



Excel for beginners



Recruiters tips & tricks



Design thinking



AcademEY - CybHER




Getting started with Audit



AcademEY - Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment



AcademEY - Excel Advanced

Get to know Technology Risk



AcademEY - The Art of Pitching

The Art of Pitching



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