AcademEY – Getting started with Audit

For students only. A career in Audit is not only about the numbers. It’s about much more and it’s a great start of your professional journey. But what is it about? How does a first year in Audit looks like? What can you expect to do and what do we expect from you?

Register for our Getting started with Audit AcademEY workshop and discover the start of a professional Audit Journey! A journey, not only filled with numbers, but with various client contacts, all things digital, a lot of team work and responsibilities as from  day 1. Sounds great? So are we!

What you’ll learn:

  • Digital Audit: learn how digitalization turns the world of audit upside down
  • Inventories: how about valuation of our clients inventories? Why is it so important?
  • Interactions: how your days as a junior auditor will look like
  • small introduction to Audit in Financial services



For students only

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