Auditor, a not so ordinary job

We empower our people to be intentional about their careers, seeking out the experiences that will help them bring out the best in themselves and others. We provide the tools. Our people build their exceptional experience. Whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional EY experience lasts a lifetime.

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No such thing as an average day.

For Auditors at EY, there’s no such thing as an average day. Quite simply because we tackle all aspects of Audit, have a wide variety of clients and responsibilities. We are not stuck behind a desk but go places. We can’t offer you a routine job, but we do promise you an extraordinary one. Becoming an Auditor at EY is a great way to start a fantastic career.

Our daily work sounds like this:

Our routine is no routine

Auditors at EY tackle all different aspects of Audit, have a wide variety of clients and get all kinds of responsibilities. To name a few: we analyse business processes, identify areas requiring improvement, conduct our own investigation of financial information and make the best recommendations in order to create added value for our clients by using the newest audit technology. We don’t have average jobs, we have extraordinary ones.

Working together works for us

Auditors at EY are all part of one effective team. We work together, develop our skills together and are always ready to help one another. We love gaining knowledge and are eager to share our experiences and expertise with colleagues. By the way, being team players doesn’t mean we can’t work independently. In fact, we’re actually pretty good at that as well.

We feel at home out of home

EY Auditors are not stuck behind one single desk. We work on clients sites and liaise with other EY departments to ensure a smooth delivery of the Audit process. As you’ve probably guessed by now, we’re client oriented people with excellent communication skills and an innovative and solution-based approach to problem solving.

At EY, we make it about you

At EY, the spotlight is on our people. You are empowered to build your expertise and explore the world so that you can innovate and challenge the status quo.

Because Building a better working world begins here. This is what makes us different, and renders working here a unique, lifetime experience. We are ONE international, connected team, with ONE purpose. We are EY.

Teamwork begins here.
Innovation begins here.
Expertise begins here.
YOUR dream career begins here.

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What we offer

Trust, openness and teamwork are core values of our mentoring culture. Yes, you will find people here that are just as invested in your career as you are. We love to see you shine, gain expertise and innovate. Because the spotlight is on you. Explore careers at EY and join us in building a better working world.


A challenging position within a leading international company

Room for personal development

An interesting salary package with fringe benefits

Step into the spotlight.

Become an Auditor.

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Why I love working as an auditor at EY? We resolve challenging situations every day, develop great relationships with big and small clients and work in a warm, human environment.


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