Would you like to become a Harmonised Standards Consultant?

Here is where to start!

EY is launching a call for expression of interest for consultants with expertise in harmonised standards (HAS Consultants). HAS Consultants will assess to which extent the documents, or parts thereof, drafted by the European Standardisation Organisations comply with the Commission requests and to which extent they deal with and support relevant essential or other requirements set by the relevant Union legislation.

Fertilising products

Construction products

Mechanical engineering

Healthcare engineering

Electrical and electronic engineering

Chemical engineering


Means of transport

Protection of consumers and workers

Interested candidates are advised to carefully read the Call for Expression of Interest and the Specific Requirements for their sector(s) of interest. Further information on the type of contract can be found here.

Candidates who comply with the general and specific requirements set out in the detailed specifications, should send their application through the system by clicking the “apply”-button at the bottom of this page. Candidates may express their interest under one or several specific area/legislation.

The completion of the application form takes around 45min. It is important to note that the online application form does not allow you to save and resume the application. Interested candidates will need to do the application in one session. A printable version of the form can be found here for information. 

It is, therefore, advisable to:

  • have a stable internet connection and do the application on a PC or laptop allowing also downloading of files;
  • have all relevant information (CV, independence information) by hand.