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We help build capabilities, platforms and culture needed to transform businesses from doing digital to being digital. 

What EY can do for you

In this Transformative Age, digital is impacting everything we do. It is changing the possibilities and affecting every individual, organization, business and government. To harness the potential of digital, financial services institutions should consider it as part of the whole and not as a discrete function. It’s a way of thinking and behaving that needs to be embedded across the entire value chain — from strategy and design to execution and management of risks.

To drive growth and competitive advantage in a digital world, financial services institutions should be digital and not just do digital. Being digital is not just about the front, or back end, of the organization, but an end-to-end transformation of the whole enterprise. It touches every angle of business - from people, finance and tax strategy to supply chain, risk and sales and marketing.

With digital becoming part of the go-to-market strategy, business models are changing and marketing is transforming.

This makes for a very exciting time in marketing.

Fueled by technology, customers are in the driver’s seat, expecting tailored experiences across channels, platforms and media and choosing how they engage with brands. In response, today’s marketers have expanded their responsibilities beyond brand and acquisitions to end-to-end customer experience, loyalty, technology and product innovation. Marketing organizations are also moving at great speed, and are expected to deliver bottom-line results to the organization.

At EY, we believe that marketing is most powerful when its influence is woven into the fabric of the organization, engaging customers, employees, communities and shareholders. We work with marketing leaders to:

  • Develop an innovation strategy designed to stay ahead of changing customer needs and disruptive forces
  • Transform marketing to an agile, digital and customer-centric organization, operating effectively at scale
  • Create a connected brand experience across channels and technologies to differentiate the brand, improve campaign performance and increase customer loyalty
  • Use analytics and AI to improve reach, customer engagement and revenue growth
  • Leverage advanced technology to create a personalized and connected experience across marketing, sales and service

Our approach

EY can help build capabilities, platforms and culture needed to transform businesses from doing digital to being digital. We have knowledge of products, business processes, technologies, trends and leading practices in financial services. Further, we have an end-to-end and top-to-bottom understanding of the regulatory, risk and compliance trends that are impacting the financial services industry and the marketing function.

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