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1 Aug 2019 Hasselt, BE

Pukkelpop has a new experience site for its fans: VALL-EY. EY Belgium is the new partner of Pukkelpop

The site is located in a forested area of the festival terrain and can accommodate approx. 400 festival-goers.

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Christophe Ballegeer

EY WEM Brand, Marketing and Communications Director

PR & Communications EY Belgium, travel - wining & dining - football - tennis - father of 2 lovely kids.

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  • The site is located in a forested area of the festival terrain and can accommodate approx. 400 festival-goers

VALL-EY is a focal point for experimental music, theatre, street art and other performance arts. In total harmony with the experimental nature of Pukkelpop, the discovery of new things is an important anchor point. VALL-EY also aims to offer a counterbalance to the large number of stimuli one can already experience on a festival field; this cultural forest is a perfect place to find a moment of peace.


Three curators have been appointed to make sure creativity rules the VALL-EY: Lander Gyselinck, Eva De Roo and Charlotte Adigéry. Respected media figures who will guide festival-goers through their personal (cultural) story. Each curator is responsible for one day and has complete artistic freedom.

Lander Gyselinck is the curator of Friday, 16 August. A renowned (jazz) musician, sound fanatic and drummerhe works with bands such as the Belgian duo, BeraadGeslagen, the Ragini Trio – a jazz band with Indian tones – and the experimental jazz group STUFF.

On Saturday, 17 August, Eva De Roo will be the queen of the VALL-EY. Eva is not only a seasoned Pukkelpopper, she is also a radio presenter at Studio Brussel and the warm face of Music For Life. Together with Skyve, she is part of a party duo doing the rounds at festivals and other events. In her free time, De Roo loves to get involved in art and music. She recently married Jan Paternoster, frontman of The Black Box Revelation.

Charlotte Adigéry

Known by many as the singer of WWWater. She is regarded as one of the most promising artistic talents in Belgium. Aside from music and dance, Adigéry is also active in cultural circles and likes to find inspiration in social reality. Charlotte is hosting VALL-EY on Sunday, 18 August.


VALL-EY is a partnership between Pukkelpop and EY. Patrick Rottiers (CEO EY Belgium) on the partnership: “EY is proud to be associated with Pukkelpop. People, talent, personality and authenticity are centre stage in our organization's DNA. It is precisely those values that are also present at Pukkelpop. That is why we are happy to join forces to put that talent in the spotlight and to inspire and entertain a committed audience during the festival.”

Chokri Mahassine (organiser of Pukkelpop) on the partnership:
“It’s one thing to want to link your business to an event. It’s quite another to engage in an exciting co-creative process. EY is in touch with our audience; that much was clear from the first brainstorming session. We clicked and we also complemented each other.”


VALL-EY is located on the festival terrain in the forest behind Petit Bazar and is open from Friday to Sunday.