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2 Mar 2020 Bruges, BE

EY Belgium acquires accountancy firm Van Impe & Tally from Bruges

EY Belgium today announces the acquisition of accountancy and tax consultancy firm Impe & Tally from Bruges.

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Christophe Ballegeer

EY Belgium Brand, Marketing and Communications Director

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  • EY Belgium today announces the acquisition of accountancy and tax consultancy firm Impe & Tally from Bruges. 

Through this acquisition, EY reinforces its team in West Flanders with 10 experts and strengthens its position in the Belgian market in the tax and accountancy services sector. Ruben Van Impe becomes an associate partner at EY and will move into EY’s existing offices in Bruges together with Joke Tally and their team. The multidisciplinary firm of Van Impe & Tally was established in 1978 and offers its clients – mainly family businesses, start and scale-ups – legal, tax and accounting services.

Patrick Rottiers, CEO EY Belgium, commented on the acquisition: “EY wants to support organizations on their growth path and in Van Impe & Tally we’ve found a strong partner to continue to support our clients in the West Flanders region. Following a series of meetings, there turned out to be a very good cultural fit. The firm has many high-quality, driven employees and a very promising client portfolio. Van Impe & Tally aims for the same values and standards as EY and Ruben and Joke and their team especially wanted to develop further and join EY in view of our integrated, personal approach.”

Ruben Van Impe: “We look forward to this enriching experience now that we’re working under EY’s wing. Joining EY means that our employees can broaden their expertise and offers them plenty of opportunities for progression. In EY, we find a partner that shares our culture and values very closely. In particular, the ability to serve the SME’s from a local office, but with the expertise of the EY group behind us, gives us confidence that we are ready to support our clients in an expert manner, also in the future. We can now offer our clients an even more in-depth specialization and a package of services in which quality and a personal approach are paramount.”

Continuing expansion

With this new acquisition, EY progresses its ambitious growth strategy. The Van Impe & Tally team will be integrated into the EY office in Bruges and, along with the other 11 local offices, will continue to be the number one partner for business in Flanders. Building on the previous acquisitions of VODW Brussels (experts in customer-centric innovation and digital transformation) and Krios Solutions (specialists in SAP, advice and implementation) in specific niche areas, EY is taking a further step to strengthen its core business.