Frank Thewihsen
The broad implementation of 3DP/Additive manufacturing is no longer limited by the availability of technology solutions — but only by the lack of imagination for new, mind-shifting applications.

Frank Thewihsen

EY Global Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Leader

Technology-focused supply chain and operations leader. Passionate about building professional networks to solve client issues. Classic cars enthusiast.

A seasoned supply chain and operations professional with extensive experience in technology, Frank is the EY Global Leader for 3DP/ Additive Manufacturing, while serving one of our important accounts as Global Consulting Account leader.

Prior joining EY in 2011, he held several leadership roles in industry and management consulting companies. During his professional management consulting career, Frank has worked with lots of multinational clients, especially in Europe and the Middle East region, where he has led numerous large transformation and cost reduction programs as well as implementation programs for cloud-based services. He has deep experience in the airline, automotive and manufacturing sector.

How Frank is building a better working world

"In my work with global clients and partners in the ecosystem, I am focusing on how new technology, such as additive manufacturing and innovative solutions can be used effectively across all parts of the businesses to facilitate, in the era of disruption, a continuous protection and growth of the businesses."

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