Guy Goossens
M&A is more than selling companies. It is about establishing partnerships to create value for all stakeholders.

Guy Goossens

EY Belgium M&A Director

Pragmatic dealmaker for mid-sized family owned businesses. Focusing on creating shareholders value.

Guy is a director in the Belgian M&A Advisory Team.

Before joining EY, Guy spent 15 years as CFO and member of an MBO/MBI team of a group of engineering companies providing packaging solutions to the beverage, food and life sciences industry.

He started his career as an M&A advisor and investment manager.

Guy’s experience “on both sides of the table” allows him to develop quick insights into a variety of corporate investment initiatives.

Guy holds a University Degree in Applied Economics, a Postgraduate Degree in Corporate Law and an MBA.

How Guy is building a better working world

As an M&A advisor Guy builds a better working world by better aligning shareholders and companies’ interests. Through transactions he optimizes the shareholding for companies and their employees. Guy leads high performing teams that facilitate transactions. Transactions facilitate growth, create opportunities for the staff and manage risk for the owners. 

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