Ludovic Theate
Be it in the domains of underwriting or claims management, or on the risk and capital side, the actuaries’ technical and storytelling capabilities make them key contributors to the insurance innovation agenda.

Ludovic Theate

EY Belgium Actuarial Executive Director

Actuarial expert with a passion for insurance in general. Loves the numbers and the models but prefers the stories behind. In constant search for intellectual challenges. Father of Louise.

Ludovic is an Executive Director in the Actuarial practice in Belgium.

He has been working in the insurance sector for more than 12 years, first as an employee for 3 main players on the Belgian market and then as a consultant. At EY, Ludovic supervises the actuarial audit of insurance companies and acts as actuarial function for several clients. He also advises companies in Belgium or in Europe on several matters such as risk management and Solvency II, implementation of innovative solutions for pricing and reserving, or support transactions.

Ludovic holds a Master in Mathematics from the University of Liège and a Master in Actuarial Sciences from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve.

How Ludovic is building a better working world

I strongly believe that insurance creates value for society. It allows people and businesses to protect themselves from risks and helps them achieve their objectives.

By supporting insurance companies in improving their regulatory and actuarial processes, I contribute to this global effort for the community and help create a stronger and more resilient insurance market.

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