Photographic portrait of Simon Landuyt
Legal services are not offered in a vacuum, a legal advisor should take into account the commercial and operational reality to create value for his/her clients.

Simon Landuyt

EY Belgium Financial Services Legal & Regulatory Executive Director

Passionate about financial law. Does not compromise on quality. Analytical thinker searching for efficient solutions. Married and father of Elliot and Willow.

Simon is an Executive Director in the Legal & Regulatory practice for the Financial Sector in Belgium.

Before joining EY, Simon practiced for more than ten years within the financial services department of top tier (international) law firms. He worked on many financial regulatory topics such as MiFID, AML, GDPR, CRD, Solvency II, etc. He helps clients succeed in their endeavors in business as usual situations but also in the most challenging ones.

Simon holds a PhD in economic analysis of law and corporate finance law. He is a professor of banking and financial law at Leuven and Ghent University.

How Simon is building a better working world

Although the law is written in abstract terms, its consequences for society and the environment are very real and therefore, as a legal advisor, you have direct impact. In that position of privilege, I try to give back to society what I received by promoting causes which are not only beneficial for my clients but offer a return to the larger community in which EY operates. 

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