VALITAX – EY indirect tax determination software

EY VALITAX is a cloud-hosted tax engine that automates the indirect tax determination process, helping your business lay the right foundations across data, processes and systems, thereby future-proofing the tax function to keep pace with the rapidly changing digital world.

With the ever-changing and extremely complex indirect tax legislation and new reporting requirements set out by the tax authorities, many businesses are under growing pressure to improve data accuracy and automate compliance procedures.

EY VALITAX helps streamline and automate the indirect tax determination process at the transaction level, as well as support compliance, financial reporting and tax planning, dynamically enhancing trade efficiency, decreasing risk exposures, and improving visibility and control.

Redefining the approach to automate the indirect tax determination process

EY teams have developed VALITAX, a cloud-based tax engine, to help companies streamline and automate the indirect tax determination process by applying the pre-embedded tax codes and fully validated tax logic, redefining the standards of indirect tax automation and determination.

Key functionality

VALITAX is a cloud-based tax engine that determines the appropriate indirect tax treatment of businesses’ transactions automatically without human involvement, redefining the way in which tax is calculated.

Three ways of using EY VALITAX

Why choose EY VALITAX?

Tax automation

VALITAX establishes the VAT qualification for each transaction by allocating a tax code to determine the VAT treatment (liability and VAT recovery) of businesses’ transactions automatically.

Data accuracy

The VALITAX VAT content is maintained and updated by EY tax professionals in real time. This eliminates manual research of rates, rules and ERP upgrades to increase accuracy and streamlines VAT processes.

Control & Governance

VALITAX helps to enhance the control and governance framework of your indirect tax compliance by consistent tax determination, decreasing risk exposures and increasing visibility and awareness.

Insight & Planning

VALITAX provides management dashboarding at transaction level to support compliance, financial reporting and tax planning.

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