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Strategic portfolio management and better divestments help you improve value from the sale of an entire company, carve-out, spin-off or joint venture. Our strategic portfolio management advice helps you decide what and when to monetize. We execute your divestment plan across the entire divestiture life cycle, including strategy, M&A, due diligence, separation program management, and structuring upon deal closing.

What EY can do for you

We offer the support you need to help achieve your divestment objectives.

Our Sell & Separate team helps deliver full value from a divestiture, whether you are an individual shareholder, corporate or a private equity fund. We help you limit disruption to the business and allow you to focus on future inclusive growth

We help to craft your value story and deal model, market the business to buyers, prepare vendor financial, tax, HR, commercial and operational information, optimize tax to seller and buyer, prepare carve-out financials and develop operational separation/carve-out plans.

We offer deep insight to help you get answers:

  • What should I sell to reposition my business in the market?
  • How can I sell at optimal prices?
  • How can I optimize my divestment strategy to raise capital for future investments?
  • How can I sell non-core assets to preserve capital and help digitally transform my business?
  • Portfolio strategy

    We help you assess your portfolio of businesses, including strategic fit, underlying value, and contribution to the overall business and transaction alternatives.

  • Vendor diligence

    We prepare Transaction diligence materials for financial, tax, HR, commercial and operational information based on the understanding of the buyers’ needs and priorities with the use of advanced analytics — the transformation of strategic, financial or operational algorithms combined with complex data sets into information, facilitating better, faster and more decisive actions. 

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  • Transaction analytics

    We help you unlock the power and hidden value of big data to support your divestment plan and capital allocation strategies  at speed and scale.

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  • Equity story development

    We help you develop a compelling equity story for buyers and determine valuation.

  • Tax structuring

    We help you understand the tax position and tax structuring alternatives to increase after-tax proceeds.

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  • Preparation of deal basis and auditable financials

    We assist with technical carve-out financial statement matters and support the audit process by assisting with reporting matters and regulatory filings, and bridging the audited financial statements to the deal-basis financial statements providing buyers with full comfort on the underlying business.

  • Negotiation and execution

    We help in your interaction with bidders and develop fact-based positions for purchase price adjustments, closing schedules and transition service agreements.

  • Operational separation planning

    We develop a separation road map for day-one readiness for key functions, including finance, HR, accounting and IT, considering regulatory requirements and tax planning .

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  • Readiness assessment and day-one planning

    We provide rapid assessment of financial, tax and operational risks early in the process so that mitigating actions still can be taken.  and the critical considerations for day-one readiness.

  • Improvement of the remaining business

    We help you manage and rationalize the remaining cost structure so you can focus on future growth, including opportunities to invest in the core business, reduce leverage and improve cash flows by managing working capital.

EY is ranked a Leader in Sell & Separate services. 

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