What are the upcoming trends and drivers in the booming e-commerce landscape?

This webcast marks the kick-off of our e-commerce series and will address the many facets of digital business anno 2021 that will impact the e-commerce landscape and potentially your business.

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Find out how to boost your e-commerce activity

Different trends and drivers are shaping to e-commerce landscape. Find out how to boost your e-commerce activity.

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Jan Van Moorsel
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Wim Van Edom
Wim Van Edom
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Tom Van Herzele
EY Belgium Consulting Executive Director
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Isabelle Dumortier
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Florence Soenen
Florence Soenen
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Erik Aerts
Erik Aerts
EY Consulting Manager
Stefan Joos
Stefan Joos
EY Belgium Accounting, compliance and reporting Executive Director
Philippe Lesage
Philippe Lesage
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2020 was a booming year for the e-commerce business, this success and positive trend is definitely expected to continue in 2021. EY wants to support the digital success of your business.

In order to well prepare the launch of your e-commerce business channel or boost your already existing D2C online business operation model, EY will be hosting a series of sessions as from March 2021 whereby monthly topic sessions will be held where we zoom in on one of the many facets of e-commerce and digital business “Anno 2021”, which will impact the e-commerce landscape and potentially your business.

We will kick off these sessions on February 25 with a general overview of the landscape with facts and figures, followed by short demos of what you can expect from March throughout December 2021.

Each module during our kick-off will be dedicated to a particular aspect of e-commerce and will take no more than 15 minutes. You will have the option to register for the entire event or to select the items that carry your interest.

  • E-commerce Anno 2021
    Trends and drivers shaping the booming e-commerce landscape
    Observations and business trends presented in cooperation with COMEOS

  • Logistics & supply chain
    Check these crucial ingredients to optimize your supply chain model and to enhance your D2C strategy
    Readiness of your distribution fulfillment model? - Return infrastructure?

  • Customer centricity
    Boost the performance of your online business by focusing on customer centricity
    Transform your digital shopping experience - Branded utilities - Qualitative data profiling

  • GDPR & Cyber Security
    Ensure GDPR compliance & cyber protection of your webshop
    Data & Cybercrime Protection - Digital signature/eID integration - NIS Directive - EU Cybersecurity strategy

  • Operational finance processes
    Optimize & integrate your business processes within your accountancy flow
    "Right efficiency" - Process improvement - Digital reporting solutions - Sales Tracking

  • The tax perspective
    Manage and understand the tax challenges and opportunities triggered by your e-commerce
    Impacting "VAT & Customs" changes - Digital services tax - Resilient Tax operation model

As regards our in depth sessions that will be organized as of March, the exact date of each session will be announced one month in advance. By registering to our kick-off event, we will be pleased to share with you the invites for our in-depth technical sessions that will be presented later this year.

All our sessions will be recorded and can afterwards be consulted on our EY E-commerce topic page.

Should you have questions with regard to this event, do not hesitate to contact Philip DecosterCaroline Mornie or Events BE.