New VAT rules and customs aspects for your E-commerce business

How to prepare your e-commerce business for the VAT legislative changes considering also the customs and excise aspects? With special attention to the recently published VAT guidelines by the European Commission on the Mini One Stop Shop.

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Jan Van Moorsel
EY Belgium Tax Partner
Philippe Lesage
Philippe Lesage
EY Belgium Tax Partner


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During this session, we will take a closer look at the new VAT rules for e-commerce which are coming into force as from 01/07/2021.

This includes major changes of the European legislative framework for VAT on B2C e-commerce, covering both distance sales within the EU and distance sales of goods imported into the EU. Also, extensive rules were introduced for electronic platforms. Despite the intended simplification, these new rules are very comprehensive and detailed.

What will be the impact for your business? How can your business prepare for these changes? And even how can your business reduce its VAT obligations in other EU Member States in the light of these new rules? We will help you finding an answer to these questions.

Furthermore we will discuss how the increased e-commerce activity has changed and will change the global trade environment. New players in the field of customs and excise duties;  EU and local initiatives from both customs and excise authorities, etc.

Equally so, we will discuss how a changed trade environment have impacted and will impact (x-border) e-commerce activities (e.g. Brexit, COVID-19, new VAT rules, etc.). Availability of simplified procedures to deal with new or increased  customs/excise related activities.

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