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Stefan Joos
Stefan Joos
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Matthieu Desloovere
EY Belgium ACR Manager


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Setting up an E-commerce business is often quite the challenge. Fully integrate your e-commerce business within your business processes of your company and therefore fully maximize your sales and efficiency is not that easy at all. On top of that is your accountancy flow that needs to fit perfectly within your e-commerce business.

Nobody likes losing time on administration. You also want to keep track of how your online business is doing by using the right reporting tool. We will help you finding answers to these challenges. 

All of the above will be explained in several practical examples. For instance linking your web shop to other software in your business to enable f.i. automatic invoicing, track and trace system, digital signatures, follow-up of payments, …

How do you handle returns and refunds? What about cancellations of orders? Assuming returns or cancellations will be inevitable, consider the impact on stock management, revenue recognition, billing and payment procedures,…