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Featured What lessons can be learned in Belgium from digitization abroad? 11 Dec 2019
CFO Digital Tax

    Nonfinancial reporting

    How are Belgian companies performing with regard to non-financial reporting?

    Trends in non-financial reporting: towards relevant and reliable integrated reporting.

    18 Dec 2019 Céline De Waele

    Analytics and big data

    How the digital boardroom provides you with everything to manage your company

    With our EY digital boardroom you have all the information you need to manage a company, from top to bottom, wherever you are.

    15 Oct 2019 Davy Van Ingelgem


    How can design thinking transform the quality of your service?

    The principle of focusing on the human dimension of a service and product is enabling organisations to better serve their clients.

    18 Dec 2019 Lawrence Landeloos

    Diversity and inclusiveness

    How can inclusive recruitment meet the growing demand for cybersecurity expertise?

    Organisations need more women, neurodiverse individuals and those from different cultural backgrounds to focus on cybersecurity to meet increased online security challenges.

    20 Dec 2019 Andy Deprez


    How EY wavespace Antwerp helps businesses grow with innovative technology

    Bringing together young companies and established values to taste the art of the possible, that is what the wavespace is all about.

    15 Oct 2019 EY Belgium

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    Kinepolis and EASI are the winners of the Belgian Entrepreneur of the Year award 2019

    On October 7 & 8 the Belgian Entrepreneur of the Year event took place.

    8 Oct 2019 Diegem BE

    EY Belgium acquires leading Innovation & Digital Transformation consulting company VODW Brussels

    VODW is a frontrunner in customer-centric thinking and digital solutions, which works with leading firms across a number of sectors, in particular, telecoms, utilities and financial services.

    12 Mar 2019 Diegem

    EY Belgium strengthens its SAP expertise by acquisition of Krios Solutions

    EY België kondigde op 26 oktober 2018 de overname aan van Krios Solutions, een bedrijf van Belgische bodem dat gespecialiseerd is in SAP advies en implementatie.

    26 Oct 2018 Diegem

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    We have been learning from and working with the world’s fastest-growing entrepreneurs and middle-market companies through the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ award program for over 30 years. So we know that focusing on a broad set of capabilities can accelerate and deliver sustainable growth.


    We've taken that knowledge to develop the EY 7 Drivers of Growth so we can help all businesses with high-growth aspirations gain that broad focus and successfully execute their growth strategy over the long term.

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