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Featured Why remote working will be the new normal, even after COVID-19
Why remote working will be the new normal, even after COVID-19


    How to lead your IT organization through the COVID-19 disruption: a CIO perspective

    Now, next and beyond: IT leaders might be disregarding the added value of tangible actions towards the Next and Beyond of COVID-19, mainly due to the uncertainty of what tomorrow will look like. But the desired future can only be attained through decisions taken now.

    21 Apr 2020 Ingmar Christiaens

    Capital confidence barometer

    Has M&A come to a standstill due to COVID-19?

    The corona crisis is having a significant impact on companies. Attention to the safety and protection of people is a priority, but can these special times also bring inspiration for the future?

    15 Apr 2020 Marc Cosaert

    Supply chain

    Coronavirus: what are your options in the event of a disruption in your supply chain?

    Suddenly, a crisis comes along that disrupts the smooth running of your supply chain. By following a number of measures, you can lessen the consequences and potentially anticipate a new crisis.

    19 Mar 2020 Filip Herremans

    Financial Services

    Are third parties a blind spot in Risk Management?

    Third-party risk has increased for financial institutions just as it has for other sectors. What are their obligations and where can EY make a difference?

    22 Apr 2020 Roy Alexander Boukens

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    COVID-19 pandemic cuts global IPO momentum short in Q1 2020

    Despite initially riding momentum carried from Q4 2019, hopes for an IPO window of opportunity and rebound in the first half of 2020 were cut short by the global impact of COVID-19.

    3 Apr 2020 Diegem BE

    Dozens of solutions to fight COVID-19 during HACK THE CRISIS

    During the hackathon, various teams competed to come up with innovative solutions against COVID-19. In the end, no fewer than 36 teams and 614 people from 7 different time zones took part in the online event.

    31 Mar 2020 Diegem BE

    EY Belgium elected “Great Place to Work” for the fifth year in a row

    EY Belgium was included in the top 10 of the Great Place to Work Awards for the first time in 2016. Since then, the company has been able to earn a place on this list every year thanks to, among other things, the many initiatives to further develop employees, make them happy and keep them aboard.

    17 Mar 2020 Diegem BE

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