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The Internet of Things describes the ecosystem that has been formed by the increased networking of machines of all kinds.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the connection of devices — any devices — to the internet using embedded, software and sensors to communicate, collect and exchange data with one another. With IoT, the world is wide open, offering a virtually endless array of opportunities and connections at home, at work or at play.

The ever-increasing networking capabilities of machines includes everyday devices used in the home, office equipment, mobile and wearable technologies, vehicles, entire factories and supply chains, and even urban infrastructure.

Until the concept of IoT was introduced, people, process, data and things used to work independently. But now that we have entered the era of coordination of machine-to-machine, people-to-machine and people-to-people, connections have become much easier.

The opportunities that IoT offers are growing and seem to be bringing science fiction to life. However, information sharing and ease of accessibility via IoT makes businesses vulnerable to targeted cyberattacks, so the huge benefits must be weighed against the growing risks. Some of the main challenges are:

  • Regulatory
  • Cybersecurity
  • Privacy
  • Legal
  • Standards
  • Scalability

We can help you assess, design and implement robust cybersecurity strategies for the growing IoT and industrial environments.

the ever-expanding IOT world

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