Intelligent automation

In Oil and gas

The end game is not automation for the sake of technology but finding the ideal blend of human and machine capabilities in every function, and using the resulting productivity gains to redeploy employees to tasks that can improve business results.

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Let us help you deploy intelligent automation to deliver value across the enterprise. We can do this by integrating social, mobile, analytics, cloud computing and intelligence-driven automation and the human workforce.

Intelligent automation is not simply the deployment of digital tools. It represents a new way of thinking that allows companies to constantly learn, change and grow as they strive to meet business objectives. It is the smart combination of skilled people and digital workers to fully capitalize on emerging technologies, bringing together the best in a wide range of technologies. The value proposition is realized when people have the skills and mindset to work in a seamless manner with technology.

Oil and gas executives are beginning to recognize the promise — and challenge — of adopting a digital strategy. In one EY survey of global oil and gas executives, respondents indicated that the impact of digital technology would be “most prominent” in boardroom thinking in the near term. Nearly two-thirds of respondents also expect a shift in the skills required by the oil and gas company of the future.

Intelligent automation will automate a wide range of routine tasks in the oil and gas industry, both in the field and in support functions such as finance, accounting and human resources. In general, employees will move from data collection and reporting duties to more value-added activities.

Because of this shift, some industry jobs may no longer be necessary. At the same time, new jobs, requiring different skill sets, will be created.

Intelligent automation represents a new way of thinking, and we’re excited to join you on that journey.

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