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How to win in the future of financial services

In this episode of the Agents of Change podcast series, EY’s Roger Park and Nikhil Lele discuss the key findings from EY NextWave Consumer Financial Services research report.

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Roger Park
EY Americas Innovation Leader
Nikhil Lele
EY Americas Financial Services Digital & Customer Growth Leader


Episode 09

Duration 28m 56s

Over the last few years, the financial services industry has been experiencing seismic shifts in how it services its customers, if it’s a new technology, regulatory imperative or just changes in the economy and the way the customers want to interact with their financial services providers.

The recently launched NextWave Consumer Financial Services research report highlights that companies that win the future of consumer financial services will demonstrate the ability to execute with focus and purpose in instilling consumer trust and helping consumers live financially healthier, more secure and more fulfilling lives. Delivering these new forms of value will necessitate new business model

Learning outcomes 

  • Learn about the findings from the NextWave Consumer Financial Services research.
  • Understand how trust is going to have a profound impact on consumer preference and the way consumers choose to engage their financial life in the next few years.

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