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As the energy transition accelerates, what customers want – and the world needs – from energy providers is changing fast. Companies that meet these needs by transforming the customer experience can unlock new opportunities, drive growth, reduce costs and create long-term value.

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An energy transition is underway, driven by a convergence of public policy, disruptive technology and shifting stakeholder and customer expectations. What customers want, what the world needs, and what it takes for energy providers to thrive in this new era are changing fast.

This changing energy world demands a transformed customer experience – one that meets new and changing needs, gives customers more control and enables sustainable choices. And energy providers need to deliver all this in a way that balances growth, cost and sustainability.

Whilst energy providers know they need to transform the experience they give to their customers, many are finding this challenging. The ways of today won’t necessarily help meet the demands of tomorrow and incremental operational improvements will not be enough. But companies that don’t act fast now will be left behind by a more agile ecosystem of traditional and nontraditional competitors.

Our approach to customer experience transformation puts people first. We help energy providers harness innovative technologies and agile ways of working to empower their workforce, engage an increasingly diverse customers base and drive long-term value through:

  • Adaptive workforce: supporting teams through an adaptable, digitally enabled, highly skilled environment, with better processes and operating models
  • Digital enablement: deploying technological solutions that provide exceptional customer experience, optimize workforce productivity and safeguard data and privacy
  • Operational agility: adopting business processes, technical capabilities and operating practices that help enable the flexibility and agility to keep pace with change
  • Effortless engagement: anticipating and meeting the changing needs of more diverse energy consumers and prosumers to increase satisfaction, loyalty and trust
  • Innovative growth: connecting with an ecosystem of technology providers and business partners to innovate new ideas and scale quickly
  • Sustainable enterprise: creating long-term value through new offerings and operating capabilities that help shape a sustainable energy future

Building a more sustainable and equitable energy future will require a greater focus on giving people what they need to live healthy and happy lives. Those energy providers that accelerate their own human-centered transformation can be at the forefront of this change to help shape their own future and that of our world.

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