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We can help you innovate, commercialize and scale by focusing on outcomes and adopting a series of key innovation principles. We use a set of modular, disruptive innovation methods that can be tailored to your innovation journey.

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New technology — such as artificial intelligence, mobile and big data — and disruptive trends, including the sharing economy, are converging to enable never-before-possible modes of transportation and mobility experiences. As a result, the automotive and transportation industry is shifting from a business of building and selling assets (vehicles and parts) to offering consumers transportation-as-a-service and new mobility experiences.

This environment presents opportunities for stakeholders across many industries to generate value for citizens and consumers, and ultimately capture some of the future mobility market share. Urbanization, changing consumer expectations and emerging digital technologies are forming a new mobility ecosystem and setting the stage for immense innovation.

Keeping pace requires incumbents to transform by developing new business models and services — at unprecedented speeds. Success will depend on their ability to address this shift and face the fundamental and related challenges:

  • Invest in emerging technologies and innovation in a productive and agile way, producing a strong return on investment
  • Address consumer problems by designing for the future
  • Achieve the required speed from idea through to scale

The EY Future of Mobility team has a proven track record of helping businesses ideate, develop and launch innovative mobility businesses at the pace of start-ups, testing and scaling more concepts for greater return on investment.

Our deep understanding of new technologies and our diverse network of cross-sector players and asset-based approaches make EY the ideal advisor for automotive and transportation companies looking to commercialize new businesses and future-proof their organizations.

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