Cybersecurity is not an end in itself: it’s the safer and most important route to make business in the digital world.

Demetrio Carrión

LAS & Brazil Cybersecurity Lead Partner

An engineer and master of systems engineering, Demetrio has extensive experience in the midst of virtual environments - and his passion as an executive is able to bring these business worlds closer together to help his clients navigate through the Transformative Age.

Demetrio is leading the team and defining the strategy for information security projects delivered by EY in a portion of the largest companies operating in the country, in sectors such as mining and metals, media and entertainment, education, consumer products, telecommunications, financial services and others. He managed projects involving data protection, resilience, cyber risk management, cyber threat management, managed services, and more.

How Demetrio is helping to build a better working world:

“Business must create value for all stakeholders. My purpose is to help our clients achieve their goals while keeping their data protected - by exploring safer, technology-driven ways to conduct their business."

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