Digital transformation is impacting businesses across all dimensions. As a result, the way risks are managed becomes decisive to win in the market. Companies should raise their risk management practices in view of this disruptive scenario.

Hélcio Bueno

EY LAS Consulting Risk Leader
Areas of focus Consulting

Hélcio is the EY Consulting Risk Leader for LAS (Latin America South). He leads practices – such as Internal Audit, Cyber, Risk Transformation and Technology Risks – and is committed to fostering innovation by offering these services, primarily through the digitalization of the practices and approaches.

An Consulting Partner at EY, Hélcio has over 20 years of experience supporting companies of several sizes and from various industries. He is also the Head of finance, control and business transactions for EY's Consulting practice in Brazil.

How Hélcio is helping to build a better working world:

“By helping our clients protect and leverage their businesses through appropriate risk management.”

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