The deliberate use of disruptive technologies is conducive to an efficient logistics: less inputs, less environmental impact, greater safety and better quality of life.

Priscilla Carvalho

EY Brazil Supply Chain & Operations - Logistics Expert
Areas of focus Supply chain

More efficiency with less environmental impact

With 20 years of experience in Supply Chain in consulting firms and logistics operators, Priscilla has broad knowledge in managing logistics operations, especially in the automotive (parts) and consumer products industries. She participated in the preparation of Transportation Master Plans for several industries and in their developments in control and visibility solutions.

An engineer, married, mother of two boys and passionate about her job, Priscilla is also committed to gender equality in the work and business environments, being involved in initiatives to increase the number of women in leading positions and in the creation of teams that promote diversity.

How Priscilla is helping to build a better working world:

"Our effort to streamline factory distribution networks helps organize the chain and minimize the impact on direct resources and on the environment, and we do that promoting the inclusion of professionals with diverse skills."

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