The real Tax revolution is yet to come: Tax 4.0 – the rise of a completely different professional. Someone capable of translating data into intelligence information. They will end up fully integrated into the company's business. They will become a businessperson.

Sérgio Fontenelle

EY Brazil Tax Managing Partner
Areas of focus Tax

Dexterity to navigate the tax environment

Throughout his career, Sérgio Fontenelle, EY Brazil Tax Managing Partner, has shared what he learned over more than 20 years in lectures across the world, in cities, such as Brussels, Berlin, Cannes, Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon and Miami, in addition to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other large urban centers in Brazil. His career has been dedicated to Tax projects and commercial environment, particularly in the field of indirect taxation.

During this period, he focused on providing advice about several subjects related to the tax area, such as tax restructuring of sales departments, and general consulting and indirect tax compliance. Prior to leading the Tax area of EY Brazil, he was responsible for developing several tax solutions, mainly in the area of capital projects, tax procurement and performance consulting for tax departments, in addition to Data Analytics related solutions.

How Sérgio is helping to build a better working world:

“By building relations based on ethics, transparency and effectiveness, paying attention to differences and individualities. With customers, colleagues and partners. That’s how I'm building a better working world.”

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