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Greg Aertssen and Yves Aertssen

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2022, Belgium

Greg Aertssen, CEO and Yves Aertssen, Co-CEO of Aertssen Group

The Aertssen family moved the earth to build a construction business from the ground up.

Greg Aertssen was just 10 years old when his family was forced from their home – expropriated due to the expansion of the Port of Antwerp. Greg’s father was a farmer who pivoted to entrepreneurship and began to help develop the port with earthmoving services. This was the start of the Aertssen Group. Now an international multidisciplinary contracting business, Aertssen delivers large global construction projects, complex hoisting operations, and transport and logistics.  

Greg focuses on creating long-term value and sustainability across the business, while his son and co-CEO, Yves, leads the firm’s international expansion. The company prioritizes green energy in buildings and infrastructure, reducing vehicle emissions, and investing in wind and solar power. Aertssen’s commitment to sustainability is seen throughout its global expansion, which includes building ports and airports in the Middle East, new islands in the Maldives, and container terminals in Costa Rica, as well as football stadiums, museums, bridges and other iconic landmarks. 

Despite the company’s significant growth, the father and son have instilled their family values into their workforce. They invest in training and education for their teams and run “innovation boot camps” to ensure they remain at the forefront of technology. Greg and Yves believe their employees are the backbone of the organization and the reason for its success. 

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