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EY Identity and access management (IAM) services help EY clients to manage the lifecycle of digital identities for people, systems, services and users by giving organizations a clear view of who has access to what resource in the company.

What EY can do for you

Our Identity and Access Management services can help you with your definition of access management strategy, governance, access transformation and ongoing operations. This includes the processes and technologies that are collectively used to manage the lifecycle of digital identities (profiles) for people, systems, services and users. It is a crucial part of keeping your data and key resources protected from cyberattacks, and it’s limited only to those who should have access.

The depth of our services can help you:

  • Support digital transformation initiatives by connecting technologies in use
  • Reduce cyber risk by giving management and directors a clear, granular view of who has access to what resources in the company and provide a framework for managing that access securely
  • Improve the efficiency of existing tools and processes, and identify opportunities to reduce costs associated with maintaining identities
  • Support compliance with technical standards, laws and regulations
  • Enhance user experiences in the access and use of critical systems and data

Professionals strong


Our 1,300+ Identity and Access Management practitioners are part of a global network of more than 10,000 EY cybersecurity professionals in 150 countries who provide a wide range of information security services. Through this experience, we have developed leading practices that are applicable through the length and breadth of the solution lifecycle. We have delivered end-to-end programs from inception to strategy to business case development, and ultimately to design and technical hands-on implementation.

Interest groups and associations

EY Canada has extensive experience in implementing leading technologies, including:

  • SailPoint
  • CyberArk
  • IBM Tivoli/ISIM/ISAM
  • RSA Aveksa
  • Oracle IAM
  • Saviyant
  • OKTA
  • Radiant Logic

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