Innovative Engineered Infinity (EY Infinity)

EY Innovative Engineered Infinity (EY Infinity) enables clients to continuously achieve business agility and lower costs to improve their products, services, security and processes.

As new technologies emerge in the transformative environment, many organizations are looking to become more agile with their strategies and functions while lowering costs, managing risks, implementing robust cybersecurity and increasing compliance transparency. DevSecOps (development, security and operations) applications offer a holistic approach to help organizations modernize product planning, development, deployment, monitoring and management.

Implementing DevSecOps demands properly planned change management, an integrated digital assembly line and a thorough understanding of the tools. Without these fundamentals, implementation can fail and cost an enterprise significantly.

Our Innovative Engineered Infinity (EY Infinity) solution is designed to help organizations achieve the promise of DevSecOps consistently and across the enterprise. Using proven approaches, an integrated architecture, a set of standardized tools and our advisors’ deep experience, we can provide you with DevSecOps vision and implementation options that can help you continuously improve your products, services and processes.

Over the past decade, many digital transformation initiatives globally either failed or stalled, translating into billions of unsuccessful investments on transformations. Majority have failed due to an incomplete and siloed vision.

We can help you develop your internal DevSecOps capabilities by helping you implement a proper strategy, mature agile processes, and experienced and trained resources.

DevSecOps offers great potential. However, many organizations fail to achieve the desired results. This can be the result of several challenges, such as:

  • High costs due to legacy technologies — including complexities due to a lack of interoperability across the organization’s software applications and software-based services, and a proliferation of monolithic technology stacks built over previous decades
  • Patch technology investments to mitigate high-priority application downtimes — constantly putting out fires rather than investing in innovative approaches that will reduce technical debt
  • A never-ending technical talent gap that prevents the organization from scaling and replicating isolated successful initiatives
  • Low efficiency due to lack of automated cross-functional change management processes
  • Chronic human error due to limited knowledge sharing and a lack of a nimble, but structured approach in developing new transformative “superstars” in the organization

How EY Infinity works

By strategically addressing key domains across the organization — people, process, security, technology and experience — and by tackling them simultaneously, DevSecOps works the way it was intended. It can offer you a market agility advantage, increased workforce satisfaction, a secured portfolio of assets, automated delivery excellence, oversight/governance in real time, control transparency and, perhaps most important, ease of use.

EY Infinity offers an approach, services, tools and support to help you successfully transform your delivery, IT services and supporting corporate functions. By using an innovative approach —and with delivery excellence top of mind — EY Infinity can help you establish a successful, scalable DevSecOps solution and drive its adoption across the enterprise.

Through EY Infinity, we map your enterprise’s maturity level, prioritize your needs and plan transformational fields of play to help implement enterprise-strength DevSecOps capabilities. Our services are modular, our approach is iterative, and our seasoned team can deliver a solution suitable to your needs based on one of the following three models:

EY Infinity modular solution

Key benefits

EY Infinity offers tools and approaches to help you successfully create agile business tactics, become more productive and efficient while lowering delivery and operational costs. We’ve helped our clients reduce production downtime, human error and manual human effort.

EY Infinity client benefits

When efficiencies and processes are improved, it allows employees to focus on strategic and constant creation of business value, it prepares the client for faster and more accurate everyday business objectives, such as more business features, faster audit preparations and company-wide security coverage.

How EY can help

We believe a successful DevSecOps solution enables you to continuously improve and innovate your products, services and processes. In our experience, success requires five key domains to be addressed: people, process, security, technology and experience.

EY Infinity provides the following to help you successfully implement and integrate DevSecOps into your enterprise:

EY - Integrating DevSecOps into your enterprise

Our cross-functional team brings relevant experience and knowledge to review and assess the enterprise functions that ultimately impact the success of DevSecOps implementation. We understand typical gaps, as well as both internal and market-facing challenges, and we can quickly make course correction recommendations.

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