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Belonging means knowing your differences are accepted, embraced and valued. It empowers you to be your complete self, and to bring your best to everything you do.

Where there is belonging, there is the possibility of standing up, listening in, speaking out and taking action to build a better world — in business and in our community. Belonging matters, and it requires a commitment from every business and leader every day.

At EY, diversity, equity and inclusion have been part of our core values from the very start. Over 150 years ago, our founder, Arthur Young, who was hearing and sight impaired, laid the foundation for us. We’ve expanded the definition of diversity ever since, building programs to create an inclusive environment and celebrate individual differences, regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, socioeconomic background, working and thinking styles, and abilities.

From the way we recruit and train our people to our corporate responsibility outreach, product and service innovation, technology enablement and workplace design: at EY, belonging comes first.

Because a better working world is one where everyone belongs — where you belong.

Are you ready to unleash the power of belonging? 

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BlackNorth Initiative pledge

EY Canada was an early signatory of the BlackNorth Initiative pledge with a strong commitment to addressing anti-Black racism in corporate Canada.

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Neurodiversity Centres of Excellence

Diverse teams and perspectives offer access to unique skills and mindsets to advance technology and business results.

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Progressive Aboriginal Relations

EY Canada is committed to becoming PAR-certified, and meaningfully providing equitable access to jobs and training opportunities for Aboriginal Peoples.

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Stories of belonging

Dionne Allison is passionate. To her, belonging means that no one holds her back - or fears putting her forward because of the colour of her skin or her gender. At EY, Dionne says that she feels like she belongs and is deeply committed to amplifying that sense of belonging for Black professionals everywhere. Dionne joined EY’s Black Professionals Network to raise awareness, create development opportunities and empower others in the belief that whoever you are, whatever your background: #YouBelong.

Watch Dionne’s story of belonging now.


More stories of belonging

Leona Liu is compassionate — with herself, and those around her. When diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) well into her EY career, Leona uncovered an entirely new aspect of herself that explained why she processed information differently and what would help her thrive. Today, as co‑chair of EY’s AccessAbilities professional network, she uses that insight to enable people of different abilities, destigmatize mental health in the workplace and celebrate the intersectionality that makes each of us unique. Culture builder. Inclusion advocate. Business leader. At EY, a sense of belonging empowers Leona to take down barriers, and build up understanding; the kind that bolsters progress for all.

Gabriella Doueihy is driven. Her determined pursuit of excellence in swimming has propelled her to the Olympic stage — twice. Now, Gabriella draws on EY Canada’s culture of belonging to ensure she never has to choose between building a rewarding career and pursuing athletic dreams. Free to be herself. Supported by her team. Gabriella balances professional and athletic success in an organization that supports even the boldest goals by reinforcing that #YouBelong.

Sylvain Allard is brave. When injury derailed his military career with the Canadian Armed Forces, he forged a newfound resilience and dug deep to carry on and find new meaning. At EY, Sylvain says a culture of belonging helped him find his place, leverage his skills and succeed. Now, he’s focused on amplifying that spirit and elevating the people around him to reach their full potential.

Roxanne Israel is strong—even stronger than she thought. When a breast cancer diagnosis transformed her reality, she drew on EY’s culture of belonging and support to navigate the journey ahead. Now, she’s using her voice to help others find theirs. Because belonging is powerful. And it flourishes when we create space for authentic dialogue, empowering others to do the same.

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Some EY networks and diversity programs:

  • EY Black Professionals Network

    The EY Black Professionals Network (BPN) is a community where members can build connections and share experiences while helping the firm reimagine what recruiting, retention and engagement looks like for our Black professionals to succeed.

    Learn more

  • 2SLGBTQIA+ Proud to Belong

    Our 2SLGBTQIA+ community is a strong and vibrant part of our diverse global organization, and we stand in solidarity with them. We hold a collective commitment to fostering an environment where all differences are valued – to build a better working world where all people thrive and belong.

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  • Women. Fast forward

    At EY, we believe gender equality is the solution to businesses’s and society’s most complex challenges. Our award-winning Women. Fast forward program is our platform for engaging EY clients, people and communities and raising awareness for the need for gender parity. Now is the time to go further, faster.

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  • Pan-Asian Professionals Network

    The EY Pan-Asian Professionals Network cultivates a space that connects, supports and inspires our pan-Asian professionals. By building a sense of belonging, and providing professional development and networking opportunities, we’re helping our people connect with colleagues and allies, and advance and grow in their careers. Together with Ascend Canada, we support Pan-Asian professionals and communities across Canada.

  • Indigenous community support

    From our journey toward Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Relations to our EY Ripples volunteer programs that focus on career development and business transformation, EY Canada is committed to driving equity and creating opportunities for Indigenous Peoples.

    Learn more

  • EY Canada AccessAbilities professional network

    EY aims to foster an inclusive culture within EY where people of all abilities can feel supported and be successful. We share our leading practices with the marketplace to build relationships, enhance our brand and by helping others build a better working world. The EY Canada AccessAbilities™ professional network is focused on empowering and enabling people of diverse physical, cognitive and mental health abilities to do their best work.

  • EY professional affinity networks

    Building connections and sharing experiences are at the heart of inclusion and belonging at EY. That’s why our people are encouraged to join our internal affinity networks:

    • EY Unity (for 2SLGBTQ+)
    • EY Black Professionals Network
    • EY Pan-Asian Professionals Network
    • EY Professional Women’s Network
    • EY Indigenous Professionals Council
    • EY Latino Professionals Network
    • EY Today’s Family Network
    • EY AccessAbilities
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2022 corporate responsibility report

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