Photographic portrait of Bryson Tan
Facing off effectively against today’s evolving risk landscape means continuously assessing what’s changed so you can be as prepared as possible for what could come your way.

Bryson Tan

EY Canada Associate Partner, Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Cybersecurity leader. Risk mitigator. Client collaborator. Fast cars.

Areas of focus Cybersecurity Consulting
Office Toronto, CA

An associate partner, Bryson helps clients think more broadly about cybersecurity and privacy in an age when threats are evolving every day.

With more than 15 years’ experience, Bryson provides deep insight and service, guiding Canadian companies as they plan for – and mitigate – global cyber risks. He brings a unique blend of capabilities that span cybersecurity, program management, security governance, penetration testing, red teaming, incident response and advanced threat defenses. That full-spectrum capability empowers Bryson to plan for and head off risk – all while highlighting the ways security can be a business enabler. He maps an organization’s strategic objectives out to internal and external risks, prioritizing resources in the right way and creating robust plans.

Bryson holds both a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Business Administration in computer and information systems security/information assurance from Eastern Michigan University.

How Bryson is building a better working world

“We’re working with boards and management teams to really help them understand what they’re up against. That kind of knowledge is powerful in today’s risk environment. It enables them to strategically defend against evolving risks. That’s key to working well today, and helping the world to work better tomorrow.”