Protecting your private business

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Does your private company have what it takes to survive in the new digital era?

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What EY can do for you

Our better-connected advisors can help you prepare and protect your private business for the digital age.

At some stage, your business will be under threat from a cyberattack. It’s just a matter of when. We have the capabilities to help you execute a holistic cyber approach to protect your business and keep it secure without compromising security.

Fraud and forensic investigation
Our advisors can help you respond quickly and with confidence in the face of regulatory concerns and investigations into fraud or corrupt practices. We have the regulatory frameworks and technologies in place to investigate, perform electronic evidence discovery and review financial reports — all with the sensitivity and urgency required.

Process improvement and system implementation
In the face of continuous change, our IT advisors can help you drive business performance with superior processes and systems. We use leading methodologies combined with sector experience to deliver with meaning and impact.

Tax Disputes
If you are being audited by the Canada Revenue Agency, Revenu Quebec or another provincial authority, or if you have been reassessed and disagree with the changes made by the tax authorities, EY and its affiliated law firm EY Law LLP can assist you in your tax dispute, including filing a Notice of Objection or appealing to the Tax Court of Canada. EY Law LLP has a proven track record as tax litigators for some of Canada’s largest businesses, as well as many successful privately-held corporations.

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