Corporate Tax Compliance

Complying with constantly changing tax laws and regulations is a challenge. We can help — from tax filing to tax planning.

Our digitally enabled tax services can help you enhance your tax function by reducing risk, enabling efficient tax operations and providing you with the analytics and knowledge to drive more tax value.

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Custom tax solutions to meet your needs

Dedicated expertise Leading tools and technology Data management Customized strategies
  • Our network of Business Tax Compliance advisors can help you prepare, manage and execute on corporate tax filings efficiently in this shifting regulatory environment. 
  • Shared knowledge and continuity of resources help reduce business risk.
  • We free up much needed time for your people to address higher-value strategic projects.
  • Our global tax platform and Canadian digital compliance solutions are suitable for public and private companies of all sizes. Applying our compliance platform, we tailor how we interact
  • with you to collect relevant data,
    carry forward and link prior-year information, simplify your review process and provide you with detailed analytics across entities. 
  • We can help you repurpose tax data (stored in the cloud) for various projects and avoid gathering information more than once. This supports not only compliance, but also tax planning while delivering additional insights.
  • With our tailored digital-first approach, we create exceptional modern experiences suited to your team, easing your compliance and administrative burden with low-effort touchpoints.
  • Our portal enables you to be proactive and know the status of your filing, manage your information in one place and easily connect with your EY advisors.
  • You and the EY team see the information and source data in real time.
  • Our tax advisors uncover more opportunities through your data, such as capital gains and loss carryback planning or corporate structuring.
  • With a global network, we bring you a broader perspective and address critical risks such as changes to capital gains rates, thin-capitalization or global minimum tax.

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