EY at the World Economic Forum

What’s possible in the Transformative Age?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2019 convenes leaders from 100 countries around the world to progress some of the most pressing economic and social issues.

Digital disruption, increased trust  and  inclusive growth are a few of the major issues EY is keen to advance. We believe that if we harness innovation and work inclusively, we can help businesses, governments  and  communities solve these and many of the world’s toughest challenges at a moment of transformative change.

Latest news from EY at WEF

Today at WEF: EY's Kelly Grier

Axel Threlfalll, Editor-at-Large at Reuters talks with Kelly Grier, our US Chairman and our Americas Managing Partner and Amy Weaver, President, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Salesforce about what they are looking forward to most this week at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

23 Jan 2019 Kelly Grier

Today at WEF: EY's Beth Brooke-Marciniak

Moira Forbes, Executive Vice President, Forbes Media speaks to Beth Brooke-Marciniak, our Global Vice Chair – Public Policy and Sander van ’t Noordende, Group Chief Executive Products at Accenture about how the diversity conversation has evolved. #BetterQuestions #WEF19

25 Jan 2019 Beth Brooke-Marciniak

More videos

Mark Weinberger on Bloomberg live from Davos

Our Global Chairman and CEO talks about the global economy with Bloomberg live from the World Economic Forum.

25 Jan 2019 Mark Weinberger

Today at WEF: EY’s Carmine Di Sibio

Andy Serwer, Editor-in Chief - Yahoo Finance speaks to Adena Friedman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nasdaq and Carmine Di Sibio, our Global Chairman and CEO–elect and our Global Managing Partner – Client Service about trends in business and trade in an increasingly globalized world.

23 Jan 2019 Carmine Di Sibio

Today at WEF: EY's Jay Nibbe

Jason Karaian, Global finance and economics editor at Quartz speaks to Ann Cairns, Vice Chairman - Mastercard and Jay Nibbe, our Global Vice Chair – Markets about building trust and digital inclusion in the Transformative Age

31 Jan 2019 Jay Nibbe