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Featured How AI helped a major IT company to improve its vendor interaction experience 21 Dec. 2023
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EY - 2023 BC exploratory report
Insights from the 2023 BC Mineral and Coal Exploration Survey

This annual report collects and analyzes survey responses and financial reports from 175 mining companies in BC, exploring spending activity and relevant industry trends. 

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EY - Stories of belonging
Stories of belonging

Belonging means knowing your differences are accepted, embraced and valued. It empowers you to be your complete self, and to bring your best to everything you do.

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EY - Leaders in Canadian Retail: Insights, Challenges & EY’s Perspective
Leaders in Retail

In this series, we learn insights and perspective from executive leaders in Canadian retail on many of the opportunities and challenges facing the industry, including competition, relevancy, innovation, customer experience, sustainability and more.

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