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EY Switzerland Annual Report FY20

In today’s fast-paced world, our corporate purpose is the compass that shows the way for our employees in Switzerland. Our aspiration to “build a better working world” guides us in our daily work and has shown what we stand for as a company for more than 100 years.

The company’s performance is measured by more than just financial metrics. Only a comprehensive view of the company’s contributions can tell us about its success: For this reason, for the 2020 financial year (July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020), we are not only publishing the company's financial data, but also information about our key value drivers. These include our clients, our people and the society of which we are a part.

Our contribution to society

We support responsible entrepreneurship, young entrepreneurs, social engagement and environmentally-friendly behavior.

We accept social responsibility, promote young entrepreneurs and Switzerland as a location for business, invest in protecting the environment and improve our environmental footprint. Our sustainability objectives allow us to focus on a broad range of corporate obligations to our clients, people, global society and the environment. We have launched our own initiative in the area of sustainability and decarbonization.

We are committed to protecting our environment. The key question here is: How much of our own resources will we use to protect resources?

We have started a number of initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve resources and, as part of our partnerships, work together to develop ideas to decrease our impact on the environment.

In the area of Financial Services, Sustainability in Financial Services is a key topic when transparently identifying the wide variety of changes underway in the financial sector.

We are by now carbon neutral.

Our contribution on behalf of our clients

In order to be able to tackle our clients’ most urgent challenges, we need to focus on their needs in all that we do, establish long-term relationships and strengthen trust in our work. 

Therefore, we are not only working with our employees to tackle our own challenges in digitalization, but we are also looking, in particular, at our clients’ business models and growth options. No one disputes the enormous significance of companies being able to generate new ideas in a targeted manner and get them off the ground. There must also be a strong drive to develop these ideas further.

In a year that saw a global pandemic, we launched solidarity initiatives to support our clients. We discuss the new normal with our clients on the basis of our Resilience Framework.

The new normal is also the focus of our New Normal Magazine. It provides a cross-company platform designed for sharing ideas and enabling people to learn from one another. This is an extraordinary time, one when dialog and solidarity are the top priorities.

Our contribution on behalf of our employees

The expertise, commitment, diversity and innovation of our employees are our most important resources and our greatest asset.

We need creative employees who can view these challenges from every angle to be able to tackle our clients’ most urgent challenges. To do so, we ask the right questions and develop innovative solutions. We employ people with a range of skills – accounting, cyber-security, business administration, artificial intelligence, taxes, data analysis and more – from a wide variety of professional backgrounds.

Our employees bring our global values and our aim of “building a better working world” to life. We are willing to continue changing and improving – with passion and our clients’ trust in our work.

Our annual results (FY20, FY19, FY18)

Whether it’s a startup, SME or major company: We help our clients successfully tackle the digital transformation. With around 2,500 employees (as of 1 July 2020), we are one of Switzerland’s leading auditing and consulting firms.

Whether they need help with taxes, strategy or operations – we support our clients as a transformation partner. In doing so, we regularly invest in innovations to take advantage of the wealth of ideas provided by our employees and the experts in our global network and alliances.

By asking the right questions, providing the decisive impetus for change and showing new ways to grow, we create trust in the capital markets.


Edited by Thomas Sucic

Brand, Marketing and Communication Leader | Switzerland

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