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Reflections on an extraordinary year

When the new decade dawned in 2020, nobody could have anticipated the challenges we would face. Globally, nationally, locally: the pandemic swept around the world, affecting our businesses, societies and lives. But it showed as well how important solidarity is and how a crisis like this can be an accelerator for positive change. 

Stronger together

As the crisis unfolded in February and March, we at EY in Switzerland were guided by our strong values. We acted quickly, closing our offices at an very early stage to protect health of all of us. And we pledged to help our people and our clients through this unprecedented situation. Our #EYsolidarity initiative was launched in March, offering resources and emergency support to all companies. Our free solidarity virtual exchanges, risk assessments, best practice articles were gladly provided and warmly received. When lockdown eased and the world adjusted, we engaged with thought leaders and decision makers to share experience and insights in our digital New Normal Magazine. Now, with many countries in Europe firmly in the second wave, we’re reflecting on how to shape and live the new normal together. By sharing various perspectives, ideas, realities and lessons learned, we’ve been able to guide each other.

A more sustainable future

With the festive season upon us, the year 2020 is rapidly coming to a close. It’s a time to reflect on the setbacks – but also successes – we’ve experienced in these uncertain times. This crisis year has equipped many of us with resilience and skills we never knew we had. It’s given us food for thought about the kind of future we want. People are asking: what really matters? Sustainability, flexibility and innovation have emerged as top priorities alongside good health and wellbeing for all. Accelerated digital transformation has empowered people to find new ways of interacting, working and doing business. We believe that embracing change will allow us to take our positive experiences with us into a better future.

Thank you!

Looking ahead to 2021, EY in Switzerland is confident that continued mutual support and solidarity will see us through what remains a difficult situation. We’ve been impressed and inspired by the positive mindset and rapid responses of our people and clients over the past year. Although many new questions are sure to arise, we know that – together – we will seek answers and implement solutions for the better.

Thank you dear clients and dear EY colleagues for this exceptional dialog and experience during this difficult time.  We’re looking forward to continuing and even intensifying our dialog in the new year.

We now wish you all a safe, healthy and happy holiday season! We’ll see you next year.

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By Thomas Sucic

Brand, Marketing and Communication Leader | Switzerland

Shaper of reputation and dialogue. Passionate about purpose, sustainability and inclusiveness. Combat sports fan. Proud father. Dog whisperer.