EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Switzerland™ - The Nomination Process

There are only four steps leading up to the Entrepreneur Of The Year award. You take the first step and we do the rest. We want to ensure that the competition is as fantastic an experience for you as it has been for others.

Terms and conditions of entry and rules:

  • The entrepreneur must be responsible for their business and play an active role in and hold a significant stake in the company
  • The company must be based in Switzerland and a significant proportion of the value must be generated in Switzerland
  • Staff of at least 40 (10 for start-ups)
  • Business must have been in existence for at least eight years (two for start-ups)
  • Minimum of CHF 10 million in annual revenue (CHF 1 million for start-ups)
  • Family businesses: at least three generations actively involved in running the business

Four simple steps to participating:

  1. Fill out the nomination sheet (130 KB) and send it in by the middle of April. Duration: at most 60 minutes.
  2. We will contact you and conduct an interview. Duration: approximately 90 minutes.
  3. We will share your documents and our impressions with the jury beginning of June. The jury will make an independent decision. The jury might want to meet with you in person in between July and August as needed. Duration: 90 minutes
  4. On 30 October 2020, you will follow the Award Night as a virtual experience from 6-7pm. Together, we will witness the jury’s decision on the Entrepreneur Of The Year.

Nomination sheet

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