Photographic portrait of Damir Zubovic
You have to practice innovation without disregarding sustainability. The value creation potential of data is always realized when we make discoveries, provide solutions, and increase professionalism.

Damir Zubovic

Head of Data & Analytics Advisory Services | Germany, Switzerland, Austria

He thinks in terms of data and provides management advice for supplementing human qualities with artificial intelligence. His family, and especially his daughter, inspire him every day.

Damir is a partner in the Data & Analytics organization unit for EY Advisory Services for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. For more than 15 years, he has worked with data- and technology-driven challenges and issues. At the same time, the transformation of innovation into value creation is always at the forefront. Before Damir took on his current position, he was in charge of departments in the area of methods and technologies as well as customer-facing and business-facing teams.

How Damir is building a better working world

“We want to understand how data can pay off in improved or new business models. The questions for us are: How can our clients monetize their data? What patterns can be filtered out in order to effect process improvements? How can the time and creativity of valuable employees be freed up through digital assistants? We find the answers and our teams promote innovation in the interaction of man and machine.”

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