Photographic Portrait of Jan Brorhilker
Good audit and advisory services help to sustainably increase the value of private equity portfolio companies.

Jan Brorhilker

Assurance Private Equity Leader | Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Sees enormous opportunities in digital transformation for investors, companies, and employees. Believes this change is exciting for his two children.

Jan is Assurance Leader Private Equity for EY Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. He has over twelve years of experience in auditing and advising international companies, primarily in the area of private equity transactions. Jan supports companies not only during audits, but also during digital transformation, especially in the financial sector.

Prior to being the GSA Assurance Leader Private Equity, he managed the Northern Region in the EY Sub-Service Line FAAS.

Jan lives with his family in Hamburg.

How Jan is building a better working world

”Digital transformation engages companies in every arena, today and in the future. With my experience from the start-up sector, I support established companies in their successful transformation. It is important to look at the company as a whole and not just focus on the numbers. It is important to me to always remember to contribute to society.“

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