Photographic portrait of Martin Ceccon
Strategic transformations offer extraordinary possibilities. Providing smart support to clients for their strategic decisions is inspiring.

Martin Ceccon

Partner, Strategy | EY Parthenon Switzerland

Martin is passionate to drive strategies for growth and portfolios, as well as sustainability and digital strategies for companies.

As member of EY-Parthenon’s leadership in Switzerland, Martin drives Advanced Manufacturing and Construction sector strategies. 

Leveraging his MSc in Environmental Science and professional experience in Environmental Management Systems, Sustainability innovation and Cleaner Production, Martin co-creates with his clients new sustainable strategies and sustainable business opportunities.   

How Martin is building a better working world

"Sustainability and Digital strategies affect us all: Companies need to re-think, how to leverage sustainability and tech for sustainability as business value drivers rather than just license to operate. Especially in the Advanced Manufacturing and Construction sector with their significant footprint, sustainable solutions will be a differentiating factor to win in the market.

We help companies find their way in the sustainable and digital age. To this end, we contribute to a better working world every day and consider their impact on companies, society and the private sphere."

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