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Have you lost the sight in the tangle of regulations? Need to keep up with the recent developments in global trade? Want a vision for your company? In every episode of our podcast, EY global trade expert Richard Albert invites one of our country experts to discuss customs and excise tax, case law and best practices.

It`s the first podcast that helps your company to keep on track with global trade issues. Country by country.

Global Customs Talks is EY`s international podcast in English language. 

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Episode 01 - EY Global Customs Talks Podcast featuring Netherlands

In this episode of Global Customs Talks, Richard J. Albert talks with Walter de Wit from EY Amsterdam about current customs issues in the Netherlands. In particular, they discuss simplifying the deferral of import duty payments for importers affected by the economic tensions surrounding COVID-19, current Dutch practice regarding customs valuation and transfer pricing while the Hamamatsu case is pending, and considerations for implementing the definition of customs exporter in the Union Customs Code in the Netherlands.


  • Richard J. Albert | Partner | Indirect Tax | Global Trade 
  • Walter de Wit | Partner | Indirect Tax | Global Trade 


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Richard J. Albert
Partner, Indirect Tax, Global Trade, Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft | Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich


Episode 01

Duration 43m 22s


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